unable to update a single valued autocomplete lookup field

Jun 16, 2015 at 2:57 PM
I have deployed this great Autocomplete lookup field, inside my team site but i am facing this problem only when i leave "Allow multiple values" check box un-checked:-
  1. now i create a new item inside my list and i add a new entity inside the Autocomplete lookup column, and i saved the new item and everything went well.
  2. then i edited the item and i remove the current value, and i add a new lookup value , the i save the edit.
  3. but the problem is that the lookup field will be empty.
now if i edit the item again and i add a new value it will be saved, also if i allow "multiple selection" for the autocomplete look-up column it will work well, even if i only add one value at a time.

so seems the problem is related to the following 2 facts:-
  1. if i uncheck the "allow multiple values" inside the lookup field.
  2. then i can only update the lookup field value, incase it does not have values. while if it have a current value and i remove it then add a new value, then the new value will not be saved, and the autocomplete lookup field will be empty.
Can anyone adivce on this please?